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Manifesting An Artistic Truth Films (M.A.A.T Films) is a film production company that tells authentic human stories that are universal to inspire and ignite change.

M.A.A.T Films Productions Include

Paris Blues In Harlem

A desperate woman has mere hours to help her rigid grandfather to accept a realtor’s briefcase with mounds of cash in exchange for his failing Harlem jazz club.

DoDo TiTi

DoDo TiTi is a film about a Caribbean nanny who competes with the family's dog for respect.

Harlem Love

While standing at the altar, a couple's past troubled relationship is reflected during the ceremony, before the final, 'I Do'.

No Matter What

Although the traumatic journey had trials and tribulations to overcome Nana Camille Yarbrough became an extraordinary renowned artist who was determined to do it her way No Matter What.

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Harlem Love 3
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Harlem Love 2

Angry Jellow Bubbles

“… few performances stood above the rest.  Alexandre’s (Nadhege Ptah) struggle to overcome family expectations and pursue her dream is described poetically and with great verve.”


Paris Blues In Harlem

"I don’t understand how Ptah managed to capture so much emotion in just 15 minutes of the film, but that’s a true testament of her talent and why her short was featured on the PBS Online Film Festival.”


DoDo TiTi

“I first saw her short film Dodo Titi in 2016 and was impressed by the poignant way she told the story of a Black nanny who felt that her employers valued the family dog more than they did their significant human employee.”

Paris Blues In Harlem

“She personifies the New Harlem Renaissance, where the artist is intellectualist-humanist-community activist and the art is infused with purpose.”