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About Nadhege Ptah

Nadhege Ptah is a one-of-a-kind artist with a truly diverse background. As an award-winning actor, writer, producer, director, and dancer, she had the unique opportunity to experiment with various media and create a diverse portfolio of astonishing creative works across different forms of expression and platforms. Whether it's a dance choreography, a visual project, or some of her acting work, it's pertinent for Nadhege to tell compelling stories that depict the human condition to connect with the audience.


Her outstanding work was acknowledged and praised in her teens by The United Nations, marking the utmost importance of her artistic contribution to the world. Television audiences might recognize Nadhege due to her appearances, starring as lead, in her produced films appearing on major networks such as CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX, only to mention a few.


Her performances have been well received, with critical praise appearing on globally-recognized publications, including The Huffington Post,, Backstage, Amsterdam News, and many other outlets. What makes Nadhege's performances unique is that her work feels authentic and inspiring, with the deeper goal of portraying the truth of the human experience and exploring its depth and nuances. With every character study, she is not afraid to go deep and take it to the next level to add a more genuine flair to her roles and creative works.

Film & Television Productions

M.A.A.T. Films LLC., Founder/Producer​ 

Manifesting An Artistic Truth Films (M.A.A.T Films) is a film production company that tells authentic human stories that are universal to inspire and ignite change.​


Work produced by M.A.A.T Films include:


  • DoDo TiTi

  • Harlem Love

  • Paris Blues In Harlem

  • No Matter What          

Acting Training

  • Scene Study Acting Technique - Aleta Chapelle

  • Acting Technique - Arthur French & Keith Johnson (ATH)

  • Improvisation - Marc Pascal (HB Studio); Soap Class - Tori Visgilio

  • Advanced Scene Study & Character Development - Tracey Moore (The Spirited Actor)

  • Private Acting Instruction - Millie Slavin; Acting Technique and Scene Study - Trudy Steibl (HB Studio)

Film & Television

  • Paris Blues In Harlem Paris (lead) MAAT Films

  • Harlem Love Zora (lead) Richard Joseph Film

  • DoDo TiTi Dominique (lead) MAAT Films

  • Home Delivery Self (lead) Christine Tournadre

  • Pitter Patter Dawn (lead) Jammit Productions

  • As If She Knew Imani (supporting) Tonya Warren Productions

  • Pajama Party Featured/Regular Oxygen Network

  • A Murder at the Church Flossy (supporting) Jacqueline Hankins Production

  • The Series Linda Smith (lead) Cable Access

  • Ife Dancer (supporting) Director Cecil Carter

  • The Kiss Principle (supporting) USC

Production Training

  • 2016 - MNN Studios certification (Field Video, Basic Studio & Mobile Production, Basic Video with Editing with Adobe Premiere CC)

  • 2014 - The Independent Film School (Filmmakers Lab)

  • 2008 - Maysles Filmmakers Collaborative (Proposal writing, video production & Fundraising)

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